Review Policy

Review Policy

Update 5/17/17: *** Due to a flood of interest, I am not currently accepting books for review***

Once I’m able to get my backlog under control, I will begin accepting review requests again.

Please do not send me review requests until this page has been updated to indicate that I am accepting them again. Messages sent to me before that time will be discarded.

Thank you for your understanding.


I believe in honesty and transparency. If I receive any kind of compensation for a book review (such as a free copy of the book) I will always include that information in the review.


Things to know:

-My reviews are always fair and unaffected by the source of the book. Sending me a free copy will not result in a more favorable review.
-I focus on diversity and social issues. This aspect of your book will be mentioned in my review (for better or worse).
-I cannot guarantee if/when I will review your book. If I am unable to finish it, or if I am unable to write a balanced review, the review will not be posted.
-I will accept books that include sexual content, violence or dark themes, but I will post sensitive content warning on those reviews.
-If your book is part of a series, I will not review a sequel without reading the first book.

Please note that I reserve the right to decline a book, or refuse to publish a review after having read it.






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