Mini Book Review: Shadow Fall by Seressia Glass

Mini Book Review: Shadow Fall by Seressia Glass

** ‘Shadow Fall’ is book 3 of a series, and will contain spoilers for book 1 and 2**

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Shadow Fall by Seressia Glass

Cover blurb (taken from Amazon): “Kira Solomon’s life has never been simple. Battling against the Fallen, serving the Egyptian goddess Ma’at, becoming romantically involved with a 4,000-year-old Nubian warrior—these are now everyday realities. But something is changing. Kira’s magic is becoming dangerously unpredictable, tainted by the Shadow she has been trained to destroy.

Matters grow worse when an Atlanta museum exhibit based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead turns out to have truly sinister properties. As the body count rises, even long-trusted allies start to turn against Kira. She can hardly blame them—not when the God of Chaos is stalking her dreams and the shocking truth about her origins is finally coming to light. As one of the good guys, Kira was a force to be reckoned with. But if the only way to stop a terrifying adversary is to fight Shadow with Shadow, then she’s ready to find out just how very bad she can be. . . .”


Today’s review will be short and sweet.

‘Shadow Fall’ is the third book in the ‘Shadowchasers’ series. I wrote full reviews for book 1, ‘Shadow Blade‘ and book 2, ‘Shadow Chase’. With that in mind, a full review doesn’t seem as necessary. Instead, I’ll give you the quick overview.

The things I like about this series remain true. The cast is diverse and the Egyptian mythology is awesome. Kira and Khefar’s relationship continues to grow, and I’m happy with the arc of their love story.

‘Shadow Fall’ introduces some new supporting characters, including Turkish pterodactyl-like creatures and a pack of were-hyenas. I enjoyed both of these additions, but I did miss some of the old characters. This installment focuses a lot on Kira facing her own demons. Part of that struggle is the removal of her previous support systems. I understand that choice from a storytelling standpoint, but I missed Anansi (my favorite supporting character from ‘Shadow Blade’ and ‘Shadow Chase’).

Gender and power play interesting roles in this book. Women fill almost every leadership position. The were-hyenas take this to an extreme that we don’t often see in literature. In real life, hyenas have an uncommon matriarchal system. The females control status and resources, leaving the males to endure frequent abuse. **Sensitive content warning: in the context of the book, this translates to a backstory about female rapists and abusers. I appreciate the fact that Glass was willing to discuss this.**

I liked this addition to the series, but it sounds like I’ll be waiting a while for the next one. ‘Shadow Fall’ was published in 2011, and there is still no release date for book 4, ‘Shadow Hunt.’

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