May 2017 Wrap-Up

May 2017 Wrap-Up

May has been an unusual month here at LiteratureLynx.

I changed the style of my reviews, and I can’t decide how I feel about it. One the one hand, it makes things much simpler (to read and to write). On the other hand, it limits my ability to go into detail about social/political issues. I enjoy the educational aspects of my reviews, but I’m curious if my readers find it worthwhile. I’d love to hear your feedback.

This month I was also added to The Book Blogger List. This website keeps an active directory of all book bloggers, categorized by preferred genre. Authors can use it to connect with subject-appropriate reviewers. I (happily) started accepting review requests, and the response was overwhelming! I’m really excited about this turn of events, but it also means that my planned posts have gone totally haywire.

May was Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I had every intention of putting together an author list for the occasion, but time got away from me. It’s important to me that the resource is out there, though, so I’ll be posting those lists in the future.



The Leaving of Things by Jay Antani

Shrill by Lindy West

Revenants by Scott Kauffman

A Life Removed by Jason Parent

A Journey Home by Angela Scavone

If We Had No Winter by D.L. Pitchford


My reviews were all over the place this month. Accepting requested reviews has given me access to genres I don’t normally pick up. It’s been a pleasant change of pace. Reviewing new and indie releases has been really awesome.



Friday Sneak Peek– a quick look at ‘Shrill’ before my full review went up

Discussion: Annoying Book Tropes– some thoughts on things that consistently annoy me in literature


Coming Soon

June is LGBT+ Pride month. I’m hoping to put together more reading resources, but we’ll see if it gets done on time. I’m doing my best to keep up with the monthly holidays, but I figure it’s better late than never.

I think I’ll stick with my new review format for now. Like I said before, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Should I go back to writing essay-style, and include more educational links?

I don’t have a TBR list put together for June, so we’re just going to wing it. 🙂

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